Please send your info via Day Trader Josh's contact form, thanks!

Josh will then review your information and he will contact your to schedule an introductory phone conference.

You must speak with Day Trader Josh personally before receiving the FREE TRIAL on one full swing-trade setup. He needs to teach you the live-trading protocols. After speaking with him, if he feels you are a good fit for his coaching & trading  program, he will then start sending you the swing trade setup. 

Each swing-trade setup can take a few days or few weeks to cycle through (from entry to exit at profit). You will be in communication with Day Trader Josh the whole time via text, phone, and emails. 

You will PROFIT AT LEAST 5 POINTS on any swing setup with his system and with him coaching the whole time. Day Trader Josh trades S&P 500 stocks priced over $100, so 5 to 20 points can be achieved relatively fast. You will be trading with at least 100 shares, the average position is about 300 to 500 shares (depending on your capital). 

You can easily gain at least $500 and possibly up to $5000+ on his live trade setup during the free trial. (All depends on the capital you are trading with)

After the free trial when the successful swing-trade setup is completed, you then can decide if you want to commit to his coaching & trading program.  If you choose to continue, Josh will then move on to the next swing-trade setup and begin the formal training process.


If you are a highly motivated trader that wants to learn and trade live while under the wing of Day Trader Josh, and start profiting right away...


Josh will personally coach you on the free trial trade-setup, and also on all future setups once you are officially in his coaching & live trading program. He will make sure you are receiving the right swing trade setups that match your capital amount and your availability to place the swing trades.