How it works...

With Day Trader Josh's swing trading system you will have at least 100 shares on any given setup and the MINIMUM trade will get AT LEAST 5 points ($500 profit).

Most of Day Trader Josh's swing trades he runs (on average) 5 to 20 points, and up to 50+ points on some long-term holds. He trades BOTH long & short in key situations. 

Depending on your capital buying power and the type of trading account and status you have, your NET profits are relative... 

For example, with 50k of your own base capital (not including margin) you can expect to gain $2500-$5000 in NET PROFITS every 1 to 3 weeks (on average). Depends on how volatile the market and the stock you are trading at that time. Typically, Josh's stocks he trades are naturally high volume and very volatile stocks that Wall Street trades.

The more capital you have the more trade setups you can swing trade, and the more shares on each swing trade setup you can profit from.



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  • Learn over a hundred rules and procedures that make DTJ's swing-trading system work consistently. Josh is always with you during each trade setup...far less stress then trying it alone!

  • Learn WHY it is critical to first know the swing levels (strongest supports/resistance levels) on the DAILY candlestick chart BEFORE placing intra-day trades. Learn which levels are best to enter and exit at. When under Josh's wing you will certainly learn his formal system of determining these swing levels.

  • Learn WHY to trade stocks priced $100-$400 (some exceptions). Most will be S&P 500 Stocks. Very consistently traded by wall street.

  • Learn how to trade the VIX (volatility index)..."Hedging Strategy".

  • Learn WHY to take consistent profits per trade, 5 to 20+ points per trade (at least $500 profit per trade when in a 100 share block trade).  More Capital = More Profits.

  • Learn chart analysis: using 1-Minute candle sticks and using the DAILY candlestick chart......( Price-Action Strategy ).

  • Learn how to recognize newly forming intra-day support /resistance levels and DAILY CHART support/resistance levels for swing-trade setups.

  • Learn how to place trades in PRE-MARKET (7am-930am EST). Absolutely Critical !!

  • Learn how to "TIER" into a trade (NOT averaging in).

  • Learn how to LIFO trade (LAST-in-FIRST-out)... "Pivot Trading".

  • Learn what "TIERS" are best to ENTER and EXIT at (depending on your capital buying power and experience levels).

  • Learn the more advanced strategies of his Fusion Trading System, such as "Sideline Trading".

  • Learn how to properly trade during earnings season (Most lucrative trades, can earn up to $20+ points in one single trade, and only takes minutes!!!).

  • And the most advanced part of DTJ's system is learning how o read VOLUME. The key to all entry and exits on trade setups is in the volume...Wall Street cant hide what they are doing, its all in the volume bars..."Learn to ride their coattails".

  • And, much more then can be listed here...


Day Trader Josh, Josh dipietro, swing trading program, dtj trading group, trading coach, day trading

Profit at least $500, and up to $10,000+ on each Swing Trade

Josh DiPietro swing trades about 1 to 5 stocks regularly, but watches about 30 stocks (all priced OVER 100, max 400), and on any given day he is actively trading about 3 stocks with his trainees and trading partners. 

Some of the 30 stocks on his list he has traded for over 10+ years....so no need to find new stocks when in his trading program.  Most of his stocks are S&P 500 companies, the best stocks that wall street trades consistently...CONSISTENCY IS KEY!!!

Between his 30 stocks, his swing trade setups trigger 1-3 times per week. His swing levels are very extreme levels, so each stock may only hit a swing entry price level once every 1 to 4 weeks. 

Once you enter a swing, some setups can profit in one day after initial entry, and some can take weeks/months (some up to 3 months, by next earnings release) to hit profit targets for exits. But he always ends up NET GREEN.

Each swing trade setup requires more then one entry. His multi-tier setup trading system is far more complex then picking one single level to trade. Also, consider that your own capital is what dictates which price levels to enter and exit at, and also how many shares at each level. And the hardest of all....you need to know WHEN to exit.

Josh DiPietro's profit targets range from 5 to 20+ points on each swing (and much more in key situations). Again, most of his positions range from 100 share block trades up to 5000 shares (average position size is in the range of 500 to 1000 shares).

Every situation is different...There should never be a trade setup that has one single entry & exit and same amount of shares that fits everyone, this is simply not the case.

Day Trader Josh's system works because its a very complex entry/exit strategy...."no trade fits all". This is main reason why he coaches each trainee one-on-one.

For instance, and most importantly, he FIRST needs to determine his general swing entry price (his 1st tier). After the first entry, he may have 2 to 4 more entries for the overall swing setup. Each trader may need to enter at different levels and have different shares at each level. Plus, he trades LIFO (last-in-first-out)...So, he gets more "side profits" while in the same base swing trade. Again, this is why you need one-on-one coaching.

There are many ways to trade Day Trader Josh's Fusion Trading System...It all starts by trading live and being coached under his wing.

Learn while you earn!!!

When in his trading group (being coached one-on-one) he will be doing all this for you, moderating on each trade setup you are in, from start to finish. He is constantly updating (in real-time) his entry/exits for each trading partner and trainee.

Contact Day Trader Josh today and get started...