First and absolutely need to read the entire book  Day Trading Stocks The Wall Street Way. This is Josh DiPietro's 2nd published trading book, it was designed to give you the framework to Day Trader Josh's Fusion trading methodology. BUT, you can read it while under Josh's Training, no need to read prior to training. Its actually better to wait for Josh's instructions when reading the book.

Once you register in the program the INITIAL CORE TRAINING takes 8 WEEKS MINIMUM (Josh is never in a rush to finish training).  You are NOT required to trade and practice every day.  So there is no pressure to learn everything fast.  Similar training programs charge the same fee or higher, but they only last for days, certainly not months, and certainly DO NOT offer Josh's guarantee to recoup tuition fee. 

You can’t possibly learn the "mechanics" and "skill set" of day trading in just a few days!  Furthermore, there is no "class room" setting like most corporate training programs...instead, with Day Trader Josh he will be speaking one-on-one with you. 

To quote Day Trader Josh:

"As it goes with any profession...formal training is essential to advancing, and its best to learn under the wing of a veteran trader"


Day Trader Josh's Response...

" I genuinely enjoy coaching  and trading with other swing-traders...Professional day trading from home can be a very solitary environment. When I am trading in real-time and coaching on live trade setups it certainly makes my own trading session more lively and interactive"........

Day Trader Josh enjoys the gratification he receives once a new trainee and trading partner begins logging consistent profits. Then after following his trades for 6 to 12 months and learning his strategy they can trade on their own, or remain under his wing indefinitely via his profit sharing trading group. 


You will learn BOTH Intra-day & Swing trading, but the focus is on swing trading his Fusion Trading system.

You will start off learning swing trading and all the pertinent rules and procedures, and then you will graduate to intra-day trading, which is more advanced...Then you ultimately learn Fusion Trading, the combination of both intra-day setups and swing setups.

Josh is always readily available for questions/concerns. You will have his personal email , phone and text. Plus, Day Trader Josh has his "play-by-play" coaching, so you will be in constant daily contact with him during LIVE TRADING.


  • Learn WHY it is critical to first learn the swing levels BEFORE placing intraday trades. YOU MUST KNOW BOTH!!

  • Learn WHY to  trade stocks priced $100-$400 (some exceptions).

  • Learn WHY to take consistent profits per trade, 2 to 20+  points per trade (at least $200 per trade when in a 100 share block trade)...more capital = more profits.

  • Learn chart analysis: using 1-Minute candle sticks and using the DAILY candlestick chart ( price-action strategy).

  • Learn how to recognize newly forming intra-day support /resistance and DAILY CHART support/resistance for swing levels.

  • Learn how to place trades in PRE-MARKET (7am-930am EST)....absolutely critical!!!!!! 

  • Learn how to "tier" into a trade (NOT averaging in)....learn how to LIFO trade (LAST-in-FIRST-out).

  • Learn what "TIERS" are best to enter  depending on your capital buying power and experience levels.

  • Learn the more advanced strategies of Fusion Trading, such as "Pivot Trading (or LIFO TRADING) and Sideline Trading".

  • Learn how to properly trade during earnings season (most lucrative trades, can earn up to $20+ points in one single trade, and only takes minutes!!!)

  • Learn over a hundred rules and procedures that make the system work consistently...BUT, Josh is always with you during trades...far less stress then trying it alone!


Of Course you will be coached by Day Trader Josh himself , and not some random training program "expert instructor" that is helping 20+ other trainees. Do not be fooled by their high-tech websites with "video classrooms" and "Live Webinars" all sounds great on the surface, but the key to learning is receiving focused one-on-one attention with your mentor, and practicing trading in real-time market conditions. Also, Day Trader Josh's program last for at least 8 weeks during CORE TRAINING, that's over 30 LIVE trading sessions you will be learning his system while under his wing. 

Josh will be showing you exactly how he Fusion trades, but he will tailor the strategy according to your needs and experience level. Each trainees gets 100% focused attention during each phone conference and during each "play-by-play" trade setup. 

Once Josh receives the one-time tuition fee at registration, he will then schedule you for the next available start date of your choice.  Typically, you can start right away after registration. But, you may need time to read and prepare before the first phone strategy sessions. Although,  you can start "play-by-play" LIVE trading with Day Trader Josh immediately....Josh will be texting you LIVE trade setups as soon as you start........start profiting right away!!!