Tuition Fee & Guarantee policy


The initial tuition fee...

Is comparable to the big-box training programs like the Trading Academy.  But none of those programs lasts 8 weeks like Josh’s (and with an option to join the trading group), and none of them trade with you live (one-on-one) for an extended period, and certainly none of them offer Day Trader Josh’s policy that guarantees to recoup the tuition fee while training and trading in the real-time markets... for REAL net profits!

When you’re ready to commit to his program, you will pay the  UPFRONT TUITION FEE (Like all REAL trading programs require).

The upfront tuition fee covers the 8 week core trading & training period, and you get FREE LIVE TRADE SETUPS from Day Trader Josh until you recoup the tuition fee amount (read Guarantee Policy below).....EARN WHILE YOUR LEARN!!!

Each live trade will be tailored to your skills and your capital buying power.

" If you want to become a consistently profitable swing trader, you need to be formally trained and mentored by a seasoned veteran, and trading live under his/her wing...anything else is sub-standard training."     Day Trader Josh 


Day Trader Josh's Guarantee Policy

Day Trader Josh will not stop trading with you until you recoup the initial tuition fee during the core training period. He will guide you on each trade from entry to exit… you will earn while you learn! You will start logging profits after each successful swing trade setup. Some trades will be losses, but the NET total will end up covering his tuition fee.

After you recoup the tuition fee in net total profits, you can opt to continue under his wing either before or after the 8 weeks ends. He will continue to send you trade setups (in his “percentage of profits” program). Josh guarantees you will first recoup the tuition fee before entering his trading group